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Barrel Racing Boot Camp
Barrel Racing Boot Camp

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Barrel Racing Boot Camp
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Student Testimonials
I had the opportunity to work for Sydni a few years back and in that amount of time i learned so many things. This conversation could go on forever and i would love to have it! But to sum it up, Sydni taught me that while so many people are concerned about just injecting their horses... it’s important to pay attention to a horses muscles and well being in their own body. Sydni taught me how to listen to a horse when they are trying to show us and tell us something. Sydni taught me that it’s important to adjust ourself to a horses “style” vs. trying to adjust the horse to our style. She taught me that winning is not just the fastest time ran. It’s all in preparation. It’s all in how you live your life. Who you surround yourself with. They way you think. 
All of this is important because it affects your attitude and how much you believe in yourself. Your horse can’t trust you if you don’t believe in your ability and opportunity you are asking your horse to do. Sydni taught me how to handle loss, and failure. And she also taught me how important it is to celebrate a win. She taught me the importance of team work. And support. She taught me how to have faith. How to be realistic. How to listen to my horses. How to have better hands in a turn. How to help others. How to be a good human being! She believed in me as much as i did her. She walked me down the alley and told me to kick butt as many times as i did her and she meant it. 
Sydni will make you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world and she means it with all her heart. If you get the opportunity to spend 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, months, or years with Sydni i advise everyone to take that moment and truly invest yourself into what she is saying and showing you... because at the end of the day what i realize is that it’s not one or two things that Sydni taught me... it’s a lifetime of experience, knowledge, love, and care that she showed me. Sydni's knowledge sticks with me everyday. And i am blessed to call her a mentor, a friend, and an amazing athlete. 
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